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ClusterCards 2 for Press - Clustercards

ClusterCards 2 for Press

A whole new business card scanner that lets you skip the typing.

ClusterCards is an easy to use business card scanner. Just snap a picture of any business card and ClusterCards lets you skip the typing by automatically finding and transcribing all the key information, such as emails and phone numbers.

It aims to feel very native on iOS, taking advantage of system features as much as possible.

ClusterCards 2 is completely redesigned for iOS 13, and adds a number of new features, listed below.

Launch & Pricing

ClusterCards 2 is launching October 3rd. The beta is now available. Please email me julian@clustercards.app or DM me on Twitter to join.

ClusterCards is free to download and allows scanning unlimited business cards, with an optional subscription, ClusterCards+, which unlocks additional features. ClusterCards+ is available for $0.99 monthly, $9.99 yearly, or $19.99 as a one time lifetime purchase.

Актуальный курс Эфира

Key Features

Advanced Card Scanner: The scanner automatically detects cards, cropping and enhancing them before pulling out key data such as phone numbers and emails found on the cardCard Groups: Organize your business cards into groups (Requires ClusterCards+)Contacts Sync: Automatically add each scanned card to your contacts (Requires ClusterCards+)Scan your card: Scan your business card to send it to people you meetZoom and enhance cards: If you missed a detail on a card or the lighting wasn’t good, you can enhance and zoom cardsInstant Search: Search for cards or even information such as emails found within cardsSiri Shortcuts: Quickly scan a card by asking SiriCard Protection: Lock ClusterCards with Touch ID or Face ID to prevent others using your phone from accessing your data (Requires ClusterCards+)Export Cards: Export your cards to the VCard/VCF format to import them into a CRM or transfer them (Requires ClusterCards+)

New in ClusterCards 2:
QuickScan: Quickly scan multiple business cards at once (Requires ClusterCards+)Suggested Actions: Actions that appear below cards based on what the user does most, such as Email or Call (Requires ClusterCards+)Quick Actions: Actions next to each piece of detected data to quickly share or use it (for example, a call icon next to a phone number)Improved Siri Shortcuts: Using the new Siri Shortcuts features in iOS 13, you can now ask Siri for a specific business cardNew Context Menus: 3D Touch or long press to edit cards and groups with the new context menus added in iOS 13System Dark Mode: Full support for the iOS 13 Dark AppearanceBetter Card Detection: ClusterCards 2 has a completely new card scanner with better card detectionImproved iCloud Sync: Rebuilt from the ground up to be more stable

Press Kit & Assets

Press Kit on Github

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Data & Privacy SettingsScreenshotPNG

About the Developer

I’m Julian Schiavo, a 18 year old developer that started programming basic websites in 2017, and moved on to iOS programming using the Swift programming language in 2018. I won a WWDC18 and WWDC19 Scholarship by building DoublePong and Emojize, which allowed me to attend WWDC. At WWDC, I was able to attend sessions on the latest Apple frameworks and features, as well as meet with Apple engineers which gave me key insights and help with my apps.